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Why Flour From Flour Mill Considered A Healthier Flour?

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The quality of food that we eat determines our health. Eating fresh vegetables and grains offers ample of nutrients that are important for a good health. But, the modern generation overlooks the importance of healthy food.

The food habits of the super-busy modern generation are far away from nutritious diet. People prefer to eat junk food, the nutritional value of which is almost zero. The trend of packaged food also dominates the healthy food habits.

People, especially those who live in the metropolitan cities, tend to spend a super hectic lifestyle. Instead of cooking their own food, they buy packaged food. They do not even drink freshly squeezed juice. They buy packaged juice on the go, which comes with a whole lot of preservatives and negligible nutrients. Even the flour that they use in their kitchens comes from the racks of plush supermarkets.

People often raise their concern over packaged flour and flour coming from neighbourhood mills. They harbor certain questions in their mind pertaining to the nutritional value of the flour that they are eating. They constantly try to figure out which flour is healthier, the one that comes from the supermarkets or the one that is freshly milled. Here, we have thrown some light on the issue.

Milled Flour v/s Packaged Flour

Gone are the days when people used to get wheat grains freshly milled from their neighbourhood flour mills. Today, people prefer fetching the wheat flour from the aisles of the supermarket. There are several premium brands that promise to offer the best quality flour but are they really keeping their promise?

Yes, they are. People generally have the impression that big brands will always serve them with the most nutritious and healthy food. This is true to the core. The brands ensure healthy food make it to the dining tables of their customers. As in the case of packaged flour, the flour crosses an entire process to reach your kitchen. The grains are properly cleaned and milled into flours keeping in mind all the safety regulations.  .

The brands keep in mind all the hygiene guidelines and use the best quality grain to grind, the end product that reaches our table is always healthy and nutritious.

Why flour from flour mill is healthy flour?

The trend of going to the flour mills to get flour is fading. The flour mills grind the flour and instantly handover to the consumers. Reindeer flour mill grinds the wheat grains retaining their nutritional value. Thus, no nutrients are lost.

Generally, the vitamins available in the freshly milled flour get destroyed within a day. In the next two to three days, the flour tends to lose about 90 percent of its vitamin content. This is not at all an issue if you get the flour from flour mills. With the freshly milled flour, all the important vitamins and minerals reach your body. The flour from the flour mills contains optimum quantity of vitamin A, B as well as E. Also, the freshly milled flour contains healthy fats and enzymes.

The Bottom Line

The modern generation is always on the go. They are shunning all the old world habits and adopting new ones. Some habits are surely good but some are taking a toll on their health. Adopting the Western eating habits is one of them.

They must shun all the habits of eating junk food with no nutritional value. They must consume more of flour that provides them with all the healthy nutrients.  Flour from the mills is fresh and comes loaded with all the essential nutrients. The flour coming straight from the flour mills to your kitchen is a healthier option.

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