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Why Do Lip Injections Create An Appearance Attractive To Men?

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If a man is asked who are the top five most attractive famous women are chances are they will name at least one woman that has had lip injections even if the men don’t know it. There are a number of reasons why most men agree that lip injections make women more attractive. This article will discuss three reasons and why they are reasons at all.

Many guys around the world will confess that lip injections create more of an attraction to women for these three reasons: youthfulness, good health, and happiness. At first glance, some of these reasons may seem a bit odd. But read on to discover why these reasons matter to men.


It’s no secret that, for the most part, men are attracted to women of the younger variety.When young, the body is capable of producing the amounts of collagen necessary to give lips a fuller look.  By artificially enhancing the fullness of one’s lips, the psychological connection men have with youthful attractiveness is immediately established.  Even though men are unaware of it, the first facial feature their eyes are drawn to is the lips.  There’s been many theories put forth as to why this is, but one thing is certain, fuller lips present youth and men like youth.

Good Health

At the root of all sexual attraction is the underlying instinctual drive to procreate.  Both sexes have their own measures by which to judge the suitability of a potential mate.  Good health is a measure shared by both.  Just as with youth, health plays an important role in the body’s production of collagen.  Thus a healthy collagen producing body is synonymous with fuller lips providing the same psychological connection as found with youthfulness.


Everyone wishes to be matches with a happy partner; man included.  Happy partners inspire happy selves and everyone wants to be happy.  The self-consciousness associated with thinning lips can easily sway women from smiling like they used to.  Fear of stretching out and further thinning already thinning lips often causes women to stop presenting that happy presence desired by men.

So there you have it! Men find women more attractive when they have had lip injections because this enhancement makes them look younger. A younger look for most women goes a long way. Good health is also a reason why men enjoy looking at women with fuller lips. The connection is between ones general sexual drive and the reality that looking healthy simply enhances once attraction as well as the other person’s sexual attraction to them. And last but not least is the factor of women’s happiness. It is directly connected to how they feel about how they look! Bottom line is if a woman believes that she looks good (including her full lips) then she naturally is a happier woman overall. And her happiness makes her more attractive to men, which is really no surprise at all.

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