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What is the Latest Development in EV Industry?

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The electric vehicle market has been performing better with a huge average of 4,000 new registrations every month in the year 2017. The industry has gained significantly during the past few years; especially with the registration for electric vehicles were not more than 3500 during the year 2013.

It would be pertinent to mention here that UK has been working hard for providing additional charging points across the nation. Manufacturers have been working on improving the battery life along with the mileage range. Nissan recently came out with longer-range one pedal driving system called the Nissan Leaf. It would travel 50% further on single charge. New updates to the Nissan Leaf would push it to the top spot, with the ability to travel further without requirement of being charged.

The VW dealership, Vindis are looking forward to explore what other developments in the industry have been experiencing along with the effects they have on the entire industry.

Charging points

With the popularity of electric vehicles continuing to increase, UK would need more charging points. They would also be required to develop quick charging points to charge up to 80% in less than 30 minutes. As a result, InstaVolts will be installing more than 3000 fuel stations across UK.

With the demand for electric vehicles increasing in the coming times, UK would be prepared with new charging points across the nation.

Future batteries

The quicker charging batteries have been made available that would take approximately 30 minutes to charge the vehicle completely. A solution to the problem has been suggested by the Express, whereby instantly rechargeable method would be developed that would recharge electric battery in same amount of time, as it would take to fill the gas tank. It has been a revolution to the electric vehicles industry, as battery life along with constant charging has become biggest challenge for the industry.

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