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What Are The Different Options Available To Latte Levy?

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The UK government proposed to levy a 25p charge against ‘latte levy’, whereby every paper coffee cup would be charged that would be served in the UK. Rather than introducing of taxes, the ministers decided to explore other available options. Let us delve on them.

Around one in 400 coffee cups that would be recycled, it would be important to determine how government plans to improve recycling rates without affecting the actual cost to the customers.

Adding more recycling plants

Presently, UK has only a handful of recycling plants for disposable coffee cups. The major reason would be combined plastic lining and paper outer that fail to process the cups. A goof option would be increasing the recycling plants or developing their abilities to meet the vast needs.

Increasing the number of recycling facilities would benefit UK today and tomorrow, as UK has set ambitious targets for recycling waste.

Using biodegradable cups

The major problem lies with the combination of paper and plastic in the recycling of disposable coffee cups. Nonetheless, several restaurants, pubs and cafes have started using biodegradable coffee cups as an alternative.

Most biodegradable coffee cups would be free from plastic or oil based linings. It would provide more environment-friendly option without any significant change in price for customers.

Recycling bins

Recycling bins are necessary for proper disposal of coffee cups. Lack of recycling bin would lead the coffee cup to landfill through general waste. Therefore, the need for recycling bins would also increase along with increase of recycling plants that would aptly handle the coffee cups recycling needs.

Discount offers to customers

A popular option would be to offer discounted offers and schemes to customers bring their reusable cup to the cafes, bars and restaurants. However, the need for biodegradable cup would be imminent, as customers might forget to bring their own reusable cups.

In order to make complete recycling commitment by UK, the need is to bring all solutions together and in an effective manner.

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