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Severe Eye Conditions Can Be Avoided With Early Detection From Eye Doctors

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Just like other checkups of the body eye exam is crucial. Eye doctors are as obligatory as physicians. Reason is simple, keep track of vision performance and underlying eye health is essential part of life quality. Regular visits to eye doctor allows to keep alert to vision changes or issues with sight due to side effects of long term health conditions.

Wise preventive step

Prevention is better because your multiple eye and vision issues don’t have recognizable symptoms in their early stages. Therefore, you don’t get an inkling and when you do it is already late. Regular visits to reliable optometrist helps to detect vision issues early prior it triggers permanent vision damage, To find reliable optometrist in your area, You simply need to search “optometrist near me” in google.

Early detection avoids permanent eye damage

Thorough dilated eye checkup diseases or issues get identified in their initial phase, when treatment is possible. Eye conditions that can cause total blindness can be prevented and controlled. Some conditions that can damage vision permanently or cause total blindness are given below.

Glaucoma – A silent sight burglar

It is an eye disease, where fluid pressure rises within an eye. Clear liquid flows in the small space called anterior chamber situated in front of eyes. The liquid nourishes and cleanses nearby tissues. People suffering from glaucoma have fluids drain very slowly and the liquid accumulates and makes pressure within the eye increase. If ignored, the pressure can damage optic nerve as well as other eye parts causing partial or total blindness. Both eyes get affected in this disease. Fortunately, prompt treatment can protect eyes from really severe vision loss, in due course.

Amblyopia – A lazy eye

During Amblyopia, eye fails to attain normal visual sharpness, even with prescribed eyeglasses. This condition starts during infancy. In general, just a single eye gets affected but there is a possibility that visual acuity can take place in both eyes.

If lazy eye gets detected early and treated promptly then decreased visual acuity can be avoided. If ignored, severe visual disability can be caused in affected eye, even legal blindness. So, make sure to get your child’s eyesight checked regularly because as they grow vision development changes. Your child may go through a crushing phase, when schoolmates and teachers label him/her to be different as they cannot read what is written in books or on the blackboard.

Diabetic retinopathy

Eye blood vessels suffer from diabetic induced condition, causing them to drip. This condition has no early identifying symptoms, so can be hard to detect. A dilated exam helps the eye doctor to diagnose, even in its initial stages.

Eye exam checkups can be sizeable investment, which certainly pays off in respect to enjoying a quality life.

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