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Results and Benefits of Metanabol That Can Be Fascinating Too

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Metanabol is the brand name of Dianabol Methandrostenolone that consists of Anabol, Metandienone and Methanabol. This can give fantastic results to bodybuilders. How it is to be used and what kind of results that you can expect from it? Let us therefore review this product in this short article.

Review of Methanabol

A nutraceutical company located in Georgia called ALRI, manufactures Metanabol. This company is known for producing natural food products that also contains few additives to provide medicinal benefits. Nutraceutical company can neither be termed as drug manufacturers and nor a food product manufacturer and therefore in certain countries, it is very difficult to decide its actual legal status.

Therefore, athletes and bodybuilders who are using any nutraceutical or any pro hormones like Metanabol, has to refer to World Anti Doping Agency to know the status of these products.

Metabonol is however sold in the market as prohormone to boost testosterone and it is meant for following functions:

  • Provide support in developing lean muscles
  • Protein synthesis enhancement
  • To increase the strength potential

Can this type of pro hormone give same kind of benefit that you can get from anabolic androgenic steroids? The answer to this will depend upon the usage of this product and also the diet and exercise routine that has been maintained. This type of pro hormones usually contains few ingredients, which is designed to support the function of hormone, and also manufacture and secretion from the body.

As we are all aware that pituitary gland in our body is meant for manufacturing and secreting of various hormones from our body, including testosterone. Therefore, such product can support the function of pituitary gland and can complement it. Thus, the production of testosterone can also increase. However, it has to be remembered that, all pro hormones are not exactly the same. It is their ingredients that make them different as far as increasing the levels of testosterone are concerned.

Ingredients of Metanabol

Following are the main ingredients of Metanabol

  • Androsterone
  • 4-androsten-3b-ol-17-one
  • Androstenolone acetate 100 mg
  • ProAbsorb-Rx 600 mg (contains 90% Fenugreek, extract of Furastanol Saponin extract and Anacyclus pyrethrum)

Before buying Metanabol, it is necessary to check all the ingredients very carefully. All the ingredients that are mentioned above are responsible for certain functions and provide necessary benefits. They are all time-tested ingredients and were used by Chinese and other Asians for centuries.

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