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Reducing the Environmental Impact of Mines with Mining Consultancy Services

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The environmental damage caused by mining operations is a well-documented problem, and that is the reason for the strict advancements in mine compliance legislation. However, mine owners are not always familiar with all the legislature or the methods for reducing their environmental impact.

That is why mining consultancy services offer the most effective way to reduce a mine’s environmental impact as an outsourced service.

Environmental studies

The first step in any environmentally-concerned process should be to perform an environmental baseline study. This involves studying and analysing the environment where the mine will be established. This forms a baseline against which to monitor and measure the various impacts of the mine going forward.

While studying the environment won’t prevent any negative impact on the environment in and of itself, it does provide mining consultancy services with a means to plan solutions that will prevent or mitigate these impacts. As the old adage goes: “Knowledge is power.”

Differentiate between real and perceived threats

A major obstacle in environmental impact reduction on mining projects is the presence of perceived threats or impacts. In many cases mines have measures in place to deal with a threat which has been claimed but not identified. The result is that resources are wasted on solving a problem which may not exist at all.

Environmental studies help to alleviate this problem by providing key insights into the environmental impacts of a mine, both negative and benign. This is especially useful in the early stages of the mining project as it provides an opportunity to plan more precisely for the necessary solutions and preventions, as well as rooting out those which would be a waste.

Implementing informed solutions

The keyword here is ‘informed’. For instance, if an issue is discovered as being the result of improper working methods then by identifying that exact problem the mine can opt to train the workers to deal with the problem. In this way it is not only the symptom that is treated, but the source, and employees are provided with valuable training as well.

If water contamination is identified as a problem, as well as the exact source, this can aid the mine in developing upstream dams to prevent further contamination or make use of drainage systems to divert contaminated water to tailings dams.

Whatever solution may be needed, mining consultancy services can be invaluable in identifying the causes, levels and best solutions for dealing with environmental impacts on mines. All you need to do is get in touch with the experts and let them help you develop a safe mining project.

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