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Quick Overview Of Different Vacuum Pumps And More!

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For the uninitiated, a vacuum pump is a product that’s designed to remove gas or air molecules from a confined space, to create a partial vacuum. The first vacuum pump dates back to 1650, and since then, a bunch of choices have arrived in the market. Today, if you check for LeDab.ca vacuum pumps, you will find three distinct categories. In this post, we take a look at the different types of vacuum pumps.

  1. Positive displacement pumps. The first is a positive displacement pump, which works by expanding a cavity and that helps in passing the gases from the concerned area. The cavity is then sealed off.
  2. Momentum transfer pumps. Also known as molecular pumps, these use jets of dense fruits at a high speed, or may rely on rotating blades at high speed, to get rid of the gas molecules from the confined area or chamber.
  3. Entrapment pumps. This kind of vacuum pump captures gas in solid or “adsorbed” form. This kind of pump uses extreme cold temperatures, which condenses the gases into either of the states.

There is also a category of “Regenerative pumps”, which makes the most of concept of turbo-pump or centrifugal pump.

Knowing vacuum pumps better

In case of vacuum pumps, what matters the most is the pumping speed, which can be referred as the volume flow rate of the product and is measured in volume/unit of time. Momentum transfer pumps are often preferred for selected gases because of the effectiveness. It should be also noted that the volume flow rate of any product also varies based on certain aspects, including the composition of gas in the confined area or chamber.  Throughput is another term that matters, which refers to the pumping speed, which is multiplied by the inlet gas pressure and is measured in “pressure volume/unit time”.

Positive displacement pumps are known for having a constant pump speed, which is why these are more used in different industries, besides momentum transfer pumps. With positive displacement pumps, it should be noted that the mass flow and throughput rate may drop considerably as these work.

Final word

If you want to invest in vacuum pump, check with a known vendor, who can offer enough information on getting the right product. The applications of vacuum pump vary considerably, right from automobile, medicine and laboratories to medicine and more. Don’t forget to get an estimate in advance.

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