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Invisalign – All You Need to Know

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If you are have had to replace your teeth with dentures in the past, it’s fine and really, a big congratulations to you for finding a new lease of life; but there can be a snag in the cognitive process of accepting your new look if those metal braces or the crown couplers on your teeth puts you off or reminds you constantly that you have lost your natural teeth; it’s not the end of the road, there is a way around it. Invisalign offers a solution that just perfectly suits you but what exactly is an Invisalign you would ask. It’s a very transparent tin aligner that holds your artificial tooth to other teeth; it’s so clear and transparent that you would hardly be able to pick out its spot on your teeth or notice the point where it holds your teeth together. The popularity of the Invisalign brace is spreading very fast as a result of its immense advantage over traditional braces. Invisalign aligners consist of clear trays made of thermoplast; one particular unique thing this oral tooth replacement procedure has introduced is to use sophisticated 3-D technology to show the treatment plan of how the aligner fits into your teeth.

The Process

You would need the services of an orthodontist to help you through and give expert advice on how well an invisalign works for your teeth; if he approves it, then he would need to take a cast of your teeth; this serves as a template for producing a customized aligner for your teeth; but before an aligner can be made, your orthodontist would have to send the cast of your teeth to the Invisalign lab; first they would send you a video showing how the position of your tooth shift to accommodate the trays of the aligner; if you are ok with the position of your tooth after the aligner would have been fixed as shown by the video, you can expect your own set of aligners to arrive from the lab in three weeks.  Usually, they deliver the package to your orthodontist, who invites you for the fixing; for some, the orthodontist would dim it fit to do some preliminary preparation and care for your teeth; this procedure could include:

Attachments – the spacing between your teeth may need little more adjustments in order to enable the aligner to fit in well; this process may require closing up a few spaces between some teeth in your mouth; your orthodontist would have to attach a clear bump that becomes hardened under the heat of light to do this; this attachment can also be barely seen and is removed once the whole treatment process is over.

2- Filing your teeth – creating space may also require that the orthodontist files your teeth; often sides times Invisalign sends your orthodontist as an instructional manual on how to do this.

Caring for your Teeth and Invisalign Trays

After an Invisalign aligner has been fixed to your teeth, you would need to pay more attention to hygiene; the brushing of youth would have to become more frequent and thorough; it is recommended that you brush the inner and outer part of the Invisalign after every meal in order to get rid of odour; this can be done just with your toothpaste after the routine brushing of other parts of your teeth; another healthy practice is to floss your teeth regularly with cleaning agents like RetainerBrite. We recommend that you do this every morning and evening.

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