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Installation hints and tips for skylights

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Skylights are beautiful features to add to your home. They create an open, natural feel in the room that they’re installed into, and have many benefits. In this article, you’ll find several hints and tips to consider when you’re installing your skylight.

In terms of mounting your skylight, you have three options when it’s time to add in the skylight to the space in your roof. You can either choose flush-mounted, curb-mounted, or self-curbing. Flush-mounting your skylight is considered an easy solution for newer constructions, and is inexpensive, as the unit is made of acrylic. Curb-mounted is a skylight that is slightly raised off of the roof surface. And finally, self-curbing skylights include a mounting option that is perfectly constructed to fit your skylight unit.

You should take your roof pitch into consideration when installing your skylight. The pitch of your roof will affect how much heat from the sun will enter the room below your skylight. The steeper the pitch of your roof, the more heat will enter the room. Try not to install your skylight in a part of your roof where you’ll get no sunlight; for example, if an area of your roof is shadowed by a part of your roof that stands taller than the rest.  Similarly, installing a skylight where it will receive direct sunlight can be the worst thing on hot days. However, if you do install your skylight in the sun’s path, you can purchase blinds for it that can be controlled by a remote.

Some roofing materials are better than others to have around your skylight. If you have a wooden roof, or a roof that consists of asphalt shingles or concrete tile, you’ll find that your skylight will be very well fitted. These roofing options, among others, allow for a leak-free skylight.

Certain elements of your roof will not allow a skylight to be installed. You cannot install a skylight where there is a roof valley, or absolutely no pitch to that area of your roof. Skylights shouldn’t be installed too close to the eaves of your roof, or added to existing standing seam metal roofs. These conditions will compromise the integrity of your roof. However, if you have a flat roof, a roof lantern is a great alternative to a traditional skylight and will help flood your room with sunlight

It’s not easy to install a skylight. Installing a skylight involves cutting the roof away and installing new framing, as well as adding drywall and finishing the ceiling below the skylight. Roofing paper and metal flashing needs to be correctly installed or you’ll experience roof leaks. If you have the skills to do this, you could, potentially, install the skylight yourself. If not, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you can easily hire a professional to take care of all of the processes for you.

A skylight lets in much more light than a standard window, and they are the perfect modern feature for any household. Skylights offer many benefits, not just aesthetically, but from a health and wellbeing point of viewas well. For advice on installing a skylight or a roof lantern in a suitable location, you should contact a skylight retailer or manufacturer.

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