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Immeasurable Benefits Of Essential Oil On The Kids’ Health

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When the matter comes to the best essential oils for kids, then Citronella oil can be easily considered in both commercial and aromatherapy products. Citronella has many benefits, and it is used in preservatives, mosquito repellents, deodorants, etc. But, the benefits of citronella oil for the kids are not very popular. The most widespread use of this oil is in the form of a mosquito repellent for kids. Today, multiple brands are found with patches, diffusers, bands, and candles, and they use citronella as their key ingredient for warding off mosquitoes. Additionally, it has antiseptic properties too. It can sanitize wounds and prevent infection.

However, you must exercise caution regarding the method and amount used as at times; improper use can result in itching, irritation, and allergies to the child’s skin. You can mix some drops of citronella to the water for cleaning the wounds, and you can also clean the floors for sanitizing the surface. Besides its therapeutic properties, it is a mood elevator too. At times, kids do spend gloomy times, and then nothing turns better than diffusing a few drops of citronella for elevating their mood. This oil for kids makes kids more active and alert, and it raises their spirit.

Other benefits

In the form of an organic remedy, the most excellent essential kids oil is highly flexible, and you can use them for illnesses like constipation, bug bites, earache, soothe a diaper rash, whooping cough, scrapes and cuts. Essential oils are easy-to-use, natural, and practical solution and the calming oils for kids help children struggle with anxiety and anger. According to a study, 6-14-year-old-kids who were earlier diagnosed with ADHD but weren’t under medication could be treated by one of the three essential oils, namely Lavender, Vetiver, and Cedarwood oil. Again, Vetiver is more effective on the kids’ behavior than Lavender and Cedarwood.

The process of applying

The oil meant for kids is harmless; still, before you apply oil on your baby, you must take some precautions and act wisely. In this context, the following points are highly useful:

  • Apply a little amount of diluted essential oil to your baby’s arm or leg.
  • Wait for a day to notice if there is a reaction.
  • If you see a reaction, like inflammation, redness, etc. then, do discontinue its use immediately.
  • If you don’t notice any reaction, then you can move forward and continue with its use.

Based on the version of NAHA, “A few essential oils ought to be avoided on babies, like wintergreen or birch as they are rich in peppermint and methyl salicylate.

Some vital tips

Like every chemical substance, you must keep essential oils away from the reach of the children. Now, if accidentally, your child ingests the oil, contact a doctor immediately and never attempt to induce vomiting. However, diffusing and applying diluted essential oils is considered safer and more appropriate. When you use correctly, then these oils turn profoundly helpful in making children more comfortable. On the other hand, using the incorrect essential oils can cause severe damage to their health. Based on the age of your child, you must avoid some essential oil and remember, essential oils aren’t meant for children who haven’t yet attained the age of six months.

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