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Identifying Harmful Tree Pests

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Big beautiful trees are a sight to behold. They can instantly add character to any home. Contrary to what people believe, however, having beautiful trees on your property does require regular care by professional tree care services and maintenance by the homeowner themselves. To have impressive trees, some impressive work is required.

The first step to knowing how to care for your trees is identifying dangerous pests, and how to tell when your tree is sick. The Brown Stinkbug is a pest all through the seasons in the U.S. The Brown Stinkbug is versatile. It eats many different types of plants, so it can live just about anywhere. To get its food, it punctures the plant, stealing necessary fluids from the tree. This bug is impervious to some insecticides because it inserts its nose – or proboscis – below the surface of the fruit.

Tell if you have an infestation of Brown Stinkbugs look at your fruits and leaves. An infestation leads to damaged seeds and leaves, or fruit that tastes bland and gritty. This pest is difficult to kill, but the Department of Agriculture has developed traps and baits to catch them.

Each year sick trees cause millions of deaths and injuries. Falling trees and branches are extremely dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible. You should immediately call for an arborist, or tree specialist if you spot the symptoms of a sick tree. Here are a few signs your tree is ill:

Signs of a sick tree:

  1. A leaning tree
  2. Few to no leaves in a season other than fall
  3. Cracks, splits, or holes in the trunk

Should you see any of these, call an ISA certified ( an ISA certification is proof that a professional has at least three years of experience working full time in the tree care service) arborist. If a tree is too sick to help, tree removal may be required. Removing a tree can be costly, however,the alternative – the myriad dangers of removing it yourself – are well worth the investment. Trying to remove a tree yourself, specificallya large one, can result in damage to property or people.

A professional tree removal service will not only cut your tree down safely for you but remove the difficult to uproot tree trunk, as well. Using a stump grinder – a tool that chips away at the stump – your arborist will remove every last remnant of your dead tree. While this can be an extremely sad occasion, it can also give way to a new tree that will grow over the years, adding shade and beauty to your yard and property and improving your quality of life.

Preventing injury and keeping your trees healthy is as simple as taking a walk outside and inspecting your trees for illness often, in addition to performing a bit of light pruning yourself and knowing when to call the pros. You’ll be maintaining your beautiful trees and enjoying some fresh air all in one go! If you’re unsure, contact your local arborist service, they are happy to help you maintain your trees.

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