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Green Agricultural Practices in South Africa

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The agricultural industry is one of South Africa’s oldest and most established industries that has shaped South African society. It is essential to the economy in terms of providing for the population and it acts as one of the most important sectors for employment. Here are some ways in which farming in South Africa has employed agricultural products to make their practices more eco-friendly.

Keeping Soil Healthy

South African agriculture is re-evaluating the ways in which we prepare soil that will produce nutrient rich crops. The trend is moving away from chemical substances to enrich soil and to more green practices. Using biological feeds and soil conditioners is now considered best practice when it comes to what agricultural products to use for enriching the soil for successive seasons.

Creating Food Security

In the wake of global research, concerns have been raised regarding food security due to unsustainable practices and rapidly depleting resources. The economic, social and environmental consequences would be dire, to say the least. Action needs to be taken to ensure the growing population is fed without negatively impacting the surrounding ecosystems.

These efforts need to be economically viable for them to be accepted as best practice.

Main Challenges for Adopting Green Practices in South Africa

Convincing people that the new methods are economically viable is a difficult task because changing systems have an adjustment period before farmers will see results. The negative implications can outweigh the suitability thereof for a sustainable future. This is why education is key to the successful application of green practices. The World Framers’ Organisation has four goals to ensure the green ways of farming with eco-friendly agricultural products and quality animal nutrition products is adopted:

  • Produce more with fewer resources
  • Make use of a knowledge-based approach to educate on best practice
  • Reward farmers for adopting these sustainable practices on their land
  • Provide a means of breaking the poverty cycle

Green Practices Already Adopted in South Africa

The use of naturally produced nutrient inputs for sustainable agricultural practice is already underway. Diversified crop rotation and livestock-crop rotations are quite widely used sustainable practices, as well as being environmentally friendly ways of dealing with pests and weeds.

View our directory for eco-friendly products that can be used on your farm for a sustainable agricultural future.

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