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Farm and Anti-Poaching Security: The Way It Should Be Done

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With the recent and growing spotlight on the brutal farm murders and poaching, farm security companies in South Africa have come to the fore in a huge way. The problem is, there are so many companies to choose from, and they offer a variety of approaches and qualifications.

What you really want to know is: What is the correct approach? To answer that question, let’s look at a highly effective approach that has been tried and tested by guarding services companies like Apache Security.

Operatives Living Onsite

Farms and nature reserves are generally quite isolated and far from major cities and towns, meaning that the nearest security firm office could be as much as an hour’s drive away, if not more. Given the nature of farm and poaching attacks, every minute that response is delayed makes the situation exponentially more dangerous.

Having operatives living onsite means guarding services are more efficient and always available. Response teams are mere minutes away at any given time, while living onsitealso improves their familiarity with the premises and potential threats.

Tracking Expertise

A key skillset for guarding services on farms or reserves is the ability to track, especially on sites prone to poaching and livestock theft. Criminals of this nature are also likely to use tracking, so being able to track animals – and people – in the same way provides security teams a unique capability to anticipate, follow and avert threats more easily.

Comprehensive Surveillance

While having security services onsite is extremely effective, there is only so much ground that teams can cover at a given time. To cover the possible gaps teams should have drones to perform aerial surveillance, vehicles and quad bikes capable of speedily scouting any terrain, and cameras that can be set up at key/vulnerable locations.

A useful addition in the use of cameras in modern technology is thermal imaging equipment. Experienced farm security companies in South Africa have found that the bush is a perfect place to sneak about at night, when not even cameras can spot expert intruders. Thermal imaging, however, can easily pick up moving bodies that might have been missed, even in the darkest nights.

Communication is Key

While all this technology and the tactical approach of onsite teams is extremely valuable, it cannot work without communication. As such, 24-hour radio contact, through a dedicated base camp, is vital to the success of any security service, making sure that teams are coordinated and informed at all times.

Communication is also the key to you finding the perfect security services for your farm or reserve. Contact a professional security provider and make sure to ask them if they provide the methods and expertise mentioned above. If they can put your mind at ease with this, then you should feel much safer.

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