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Everything You Need To Know About Chlamydia And Getting Tested!

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Counted among the most common sexually transmitted infections in the world, chlamydia is caused by bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. There are usually no early signs of chlamydia, making it hard to detect. Chlamydia is common in both genders and is typically treated with the help of antibiotics. According to WebMd, more than 75% women with chlamydia don’t have any symptoms at all. The good thing is you can order a chlamydia test kit, which can help in diagnosing the condition from the comfort of your home, following which you can consult a doctor. Here’s what you need to know about chlamydia, causes, symptoms and some of the other relevant aspects related to getting tested.

What causes chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that is sexually transmitted. Expectedly, penetrative sex is often seen as a cause, buy chlamydia can also spread via unprotected oral and anal sex. In fact, even touching the genitals of a person who has chlamydia can spread the infection. If an expected mother has the infection, the newborn can get it, which is why it is very, very important to talk about chlamydia during prenatal checkup. In some cases, chlamydia can occur to the eye, as well, although that’s not very common.

Know the symptoms

Typically, both men and women don’t always have apparent signs of chlamydia at all. Women are more likely to have aggressive symptoms, if any at all. This includes unexpected and unexplained vaginal discharge, bleeding between periods, and cramping and pain during periods. In some cases, pain is accompanied with fever, while women with chlamydia can have pain during penetrative sex, as well. Burning, itching and unexpected discomfort around the vagina or in it are common symptoms too. Both genders can have pain during urination when infected with the bacteria. Men may have unexpected discharge from the opening of the penis. There can be pain around or in testicles in some cases.

Using a chlamydia test kit

It is best to speak to your doctor about chlamydia and if you have chances of contracting the infection. Understandably, not a lot of men and women are expressive with concerns related to STIs, which is why we now have chlamydia kits that can be used confidentially from the comfort of your home. You can order the kit online, and it usually comes with instructions and all the relevant details. For chlamydia test, vaginal swab or urine is required, and once you have filled up the form that comes with the kit, you can use the same envelope to send the sample back to the lab for testing. Some of the available chlamydia test kits are really easy to use, and you can expect to get the results in a few hours.

When to get tested?

Doctors recommend people with an active sex life to get tested for chlamydia at least once in a year, more so when one has more than one partner. Since the symptoms are often hard to diagnose and understand initially, getting tested is the best possible way to avoid the possible consequences. Chlamydia is a serious infection, while the symptoms may not seem severe, it can have long-term repercussions on your health. It is now known that chlamydia can cause difficulties in getting pregnant, and expecting mothers with chlamydia can have other concerns and issues during their pregnancy. Do NOT ignore getting tested for chlamydia. This is something that must be done, as long as you have a sex life or plan to change your partner.

Understanding the treatment

Chlamydia, thankfully, is completely treatable, and if diagnosed in time, you can expect nothing more than oral antibiotics.  Azithromycin is common used as an oral antibiotic, although some doctors may prescribe doxycycline, as well. In rare cases, when chlamydia infection is at a severe stage, women may require hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics can be recommended. Typically, infection clears up in about two weeks, but make sure to complete the dose of antibiotics for the specific period, as suggested and prescribed by the doctor.

With the choice of chlamydia tests and effective treatment, you don’t have to bear the consequences of this STI. Chlamydia test is also recommended periodically to men and women alike, and if you plan to get into a new relationship, make sure that both you and your partner are tested for chlamydia tests. Check online to find more on chlamydia tests, and make sure that you choose the right kit. Some are amazingly effective with quick results, which can be emailed to you.

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