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Everything You Must Know About Camping Solar Panels

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If you plan to camp in remote and offbeat location for days at a stretch, you must consider the need for power source. Solar energy is natural, clean and renewable source of energy, and you can harness it for your campsite. If used effectively, solar power can help in using all your essential devices, including portable fridges, mobiles, tablets, and camping lights, no matter where you are located. Also, you will save considerably on cost of a generator, which is expensive and isn’t an ideal thing to carry around.

About camping with solar power

Using solar power at a campsite requires a basic setup. First things first, you must look for camping solar panels, which are usually portable and compact in size. Also, you need a solar regulator, along with an inverter for charging your appliances and an auxiliary battery. Do not skip solar regulators, which are important to maintain the battery.

Selecting camping solar panels

If you look for camping solar panels, the options are many. Mono-crystalline panels are the costliest of the lot but are certainly better in terms of performance related to gathering solar energy. Then you have Amorphous panels, which usually require a larger surface area to gather solar power but are ideal for transport purposes. A standard camping solar panel package can contain essentials like a solar mat, a digital controller, lead with bullet plugs, bullet to alligator clamps and Anderson connectors. Look for portable camping solar panels, which can be used extensively over the years, because you will not be replacing the setup anytime soon. This is the precise reason why experts recommend going for the best possible brand available, and yes, do check warranty on the product. Many manufacturers often offer five-year warranties on selectedproducts.

Things to note

In case of camping solar panels and setup, the weight is an important factor. Depending on your location, you may have to look for certifications, as well. As mentioned, Monocrystalline silicon panels are the best, and you have to check things like the max wattage and current. Look for SunPower® cells, which are known for performance and durability, even in harsh conditions.

At campsites, you don’t want to spend considerable time in setting up the solar panels. Do check the installation details and if there are any instructions related to the placement and position of panels. Online stores often have better deals, so keep an eye on the best-rated sites.

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