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Create the Habits If You Want to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is not a something that you cannot prevent it if you can maintain certain healthy habits. This will keep you to stay active and totally free of pain. In this write up, we have provided few healthy habits that you must develop in order to prevent plantar fasciitis.

  1. Maintain your weight to a healthy level

Take notice if you are rapidly gaining weight, which is one of the biggest reasons for plantar Fasciitis which any local doctor in Montreal at Canada may call faciites plantaires. If you carry an extra weight in your body then it puts strain on your arches, which can lead to pain and inflammation and that ends up with plantar fasciitis. Maintain healthy food and involve in physical exercises.

  1. Before doing any exercise do a warm-up

There are lots of benefits of doing warm-up exercise before you start doing any other exercises. Your cold muscles can be stretched easily which are more prone to any kind of injury.

  1. Wear proper kind of shoes

In order to prevent occurrence of plantar fasciitis it is essential that you must wear right kind of shoes that provide right support to your arch and heel. Prefer shoes with thick sole and don’t allow your heel to wriggle around while doing exercise. Prefer not to wear such shoes that stretch your arch the whole day and then switch to any supportive shoes while doing exercise.

  1. Empower your shoes

Many people often do a mistake and buy expensive orthotic shoes. As a matter of fact, you must wear such shoes which is comfortable to your legs

  1. Prefer to run on soft surfaces

Whenever possible try to run on soft surfaces if you want to prevent plantar fasciitis. Instead of running on the road prefer to run in parks or track made for running. Running on soft surfaces offers minimum impact to your heels. On the other hand, running on uneven surfaces have more chances of straining your ligament or tendon.

  1. Avoid over doing

It is important that you must listen to your body needs and remain within your limits. You must also focus on your pain and limitations rather than focussing on your goals. If you increase your level of workout to strain your feet then you are over exercising your muscles.

  1. Keep yourself active

Last but not the least, you must find some time from your busy schedule to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes in some physical activity to keep your muscles, ligaments and tendons in your feet in better condition.

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