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Childproof your home with baby gates – How to make sure they’re safe?

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If you take into account that statistics in countries like Australia, you’ll find that baby gates were responsible for more than 2987 injuries every year. Would you want your baby to be counted among these deadly statistics? Bet you wouldn’t! Once your baby starts getting mobile, baby gates is one of the staple things that are being used around homes these days to prevent your baby from venturing and moving into the dangerous areas of your home. But did you know that a baby gate can also be harmful for your tot?

If you choose the wrong one, they can lead to accidents which range from brain injuries to sprains. You can’t forget the fact that children are always curious and they’ll certainly find a way out of this deterrent which restrains their activities.

How to make sure your baby gate is safe for your baby

By following the below mentioned steps, you can make sure that the baby gate that you choose for your tot is safe enough:

  • Consider the age of your tot while choosing the baby gate

As per the guidelines of using a baby gate, it is recommended that children in between the age of 6 months and 2 years are allowed to stay inside these baby gates. Something that you have to repeatedly check is that your baby shouldn’t be able to reach out to the latch. If he does, he might open it and be free to move anywhere he wants.

  • The baby gate should be installed in a proper manner

When you purchase these gates, you are given the proper instructions that you have to follow while installing the gate. In case you find the gate to be rather small for your doorway, instead of making DIY alterations, return that gate to receive another which is fit for your house.

  • Weight and height of the child matters

One more thing you need to be cautious about is the height and weight of your child. Always try to be sure that your baby doesn’t outgrow the gate and be able to push the baby gate or climb on top of it. Make sure your tot is not able to utilize the gaps within the gate and use the gaps to climb on it.

  • Location is the ultimate key

Don’t ever choose the top of a staircase as the location for placing a baby gate. If by any chance, the child manages to move past the baby playpen, he will injure herself seriously by tripping down the stairs. Don’t ever choose such wrong locations which can become detrimental for the kid.

  • Don’t forget to supervise

Although you may think that the baby gate is there to restrain the activities of your child, there’s no better way to protect him than constant supervision.

Therefore, whenever you wish to make use of baby gates, you have to first ensure that they’re safe for your tot and that they don’t lead to any kind of injuries.

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