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Checkout the Ultimate Clenbuterol Cycle for a Competition Ready Body

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Clenbuterol should not only be associated with fat loss, it is also used by people to develop defined lean muscles. Before you start with the cycle, it is important that you have a clear idea about the supplement. When you take Clenbuterol, the Beta-2 receptors of your body get stimulated. This helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate and burn the calories. In this process the body’s overall temperature increases which burn the extra fat and not the muscle tissue.

Types of Clenbuterol Cycles

There are several ways to plan a Clen cycles like:

  • Bursting Cycle –By bursting cycle we refer to the two day on and two day off method. Here the idea is to take high dose on the first two days, then give rest for the next two days and repeat the cycle. This cycle can be continued for about two to three months. But this process is not very effective and causes a lot of stress on your body. It also does not help in the fat burning process of the body.
  • Incrementing Cycle –This is one of the popular methods of using Clenbuterol which is gaining huge popularity. It is considered as the most effective method which is widely accepted by the bodybuilders before participating in any of the competitions. Here, you need to normally start with a very small dose of about 20mcg to 40mcg for the initial 2-3 weeks. Then after that period, you can gradually increase the dose by 20 mcg. In this way, you can go on increasing the dose by 20mcg till your competition date. If you follow this procedure, your body gets accustomed with the product and does not cause any kind of unnecessary stress. But one thing you should be very careful of, i.e. this Clenbuterol competition cycle should not be continued for more than 2 months.
  • Extended Burst Cycle –This cycle is considered to be the safest though it is not as effective as the incrementing cycle. Here, you need to be on the supplement for two weeks and then stop it again for two weeks.

Schedule for Clenbuterol Cycle

To attain the desired results, it is very important that you set a particular schedule. This schedule or chart entirely varies from one individual to another as per their requirement. It normally depends on how much fat you want to shed. So, before you start with any of the cycles, it is very important that you set a proper schedule for yourself.

Clenbuterol dosage

Like any other drug, you need to follow a certain dosage for this supplement. For men, the maximum dosage is about 140mcg per day while for women it is around 100mcg in a day. Taking more than this amount can cause harmful side effect to the body. Under no circumstances should one exceed the dosage of 200mcg, as it can be extremely harmful to the heart. For athletes, the Clenbuterol competition cycle is considered to be most important as it is mild on the body.


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