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BetterHelp is there to help you with your mental health issues – How to seek help

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We can’t deny the stigma that is associated with online therapy but as times have changed, people have started accepting the idea of online counseling services. To ease off the issues of accessibility and affordability, there are several web services and apps which have been introduced in the last few years, one of the most popular one being BetterHelp. You must have seen their promotional ads on Instagram and Facebook feeds. There are many who have got respite with their mental health issues through BetterHelp after they’ve tried a couple of other online counseling services. What is it that makes this company special than others?

More on the company

BetterHelp was introduced in the year 2013 by Danny Bragonier and Alon Matas. Their ultimate goal behind launching this website was to use the internet in order to live in a better way. Alon Matas makes it clear the goal of the website is not to take the position of human interaction with technology but their aim is rather to fill the gaps of interaction which aren’t possible due to affordability and accessibility issues. Till now, they have more than 800 licensed counselors who work with them and who fill those gaps in order to reach out to more and more people who are suffering from mental health issues.

If you check their website, you will see that they have mentioned that they have more than 200,000 users since the time they’ve launched and they are also proud to receive an overwhelmingly large numbers of good reviews from their clients.

Signing up with BetterHelp

If your main concern is signing up, you shouldn’t look any further. BetterHelp has been designed with one of the best intuitive platforms and for the starters, they require signing up for an account. No, it is not that you have to use your actual name or your actual credentials. In case you want to keep this information private, you should use an alias because that is totally fine. Once you are registered, you will require filling out a short questionnaire which will come in a multiple question format.

Soon after, you will be led to the payment page where you need to enter the payment details. Based on the answers that you give, BetterHelp will link you with the right therapist. Majority of the BetterHelp customers are satisfied with who they are paired with according to their algorithm. You will have to carry on your chats in a private chat room and the therapists will be available to you 24×7. They will give in their 100% efforts to assist you in relieving yourself.

Therefore, if you’ve been desperately searching for a company that will help you with solving your mental health issues, you can seek help of BetterHelp for reaping all the benefits. Make sure you read more on the reviews of this company before making a decision.

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