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6 useful tips to stop using substances

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A first step to abandon the use of substances such as cocaine, alcohol or marijuana is the personal assumption and recognition that there is abuse of these. If you are not aware of this fact, the person will hardly realize an act of self-criticism about the change that implies leaving aside the consumption of toxins and consequently the possibility of abandonment in relation to the possible addictive behavior will not be considered.

When there is honest personal reflection and, in most cases, the most intimate family and social environment helps to recognize that things are not going well, they can detect repercussions in most areas of life, such as deterioration in social, family and work relationships. Apart on a personal level, addiction is a disease with alterations in the brain and in almost 90% of people there is evidence of accompanying psychological or psychiatric symptoms that increase their intensity can generate serious disorders.Taking into account this, there is some tips to be able to give up the use of substances are:

  1. Change of the environment that encourages consumption. Therefore, at the beginning of a treatment process it is advisable to enter specific Centers and Clinics that favor the rupture with the harmful environment and facilitate maximum concentration in the process of change.
  2. Recognize, identify and assume situations that promote consumption. With the help of specialists you can put into practice psychological tools and coping mechanisms necessary to face them and avoid consumption.
  3. Propose intermediate goals aligned with the final purpose of the abandonment of consumption. You can decide when you are going to stop consuming, a decrease in the amount and frequency of consumption in the days before the effective moment of the decision.
  4. Use self-instructions. They are positive phrases and comments that are given to oneself to increase our well-being. At the beginning it may not have an effect but over time they become internalized and form part of our thinking. The motivation and positive thinking of “if you can” should remain in greater or lesser intensity in the head.
  5. To superimpose on the thoughts of consumption or craving, the positive images, that transmit calmness and make that call to the relative or the intimate person to share it.
  6. To consider the positive consequences of abandonment in the consumption of toxins and the negative consequences that substances give you. Imagine what the near future would be like without the prison and the loss of freedom that the person suffers from substance use in terms of physical, mental and personal well-being

These tips can be difficult at first, produce tension and anxiety, but with time, effort and accompanied by the right professionals who can advise you and serve as a staff at the beginning of the process, it is possible and can be achieved. For more information you can visit the website of https://lighthousetreatment.com/orange-county-detox/.

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