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5 Signs It is Time to Replace Your Entry Doors

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Is it time to get a new door? As much care as one could take to not slam or pull on doors, let’s be honest doors take a beating over a lifetime. Not only are they slammed, but they are kicked, hip bumped, and exposed to temper changes. Especially old solid wood doors, we’re sure it has seen better days. These doors can be temperamental as they are known to contract and expand, a sticky and stubborn characteristic, depending on the weather and the season.

We’ve listed 5 signs that show if your door needs to be replaced. After all, your entry door does play a functional and aesthetic role. If your door is not fulfilling its role, then maybe it’s time to find a front door replacement that suits your style and compliments your home.

1. Warping

Warping is when a door bends or curves, this can happen over time when exposed to extreme weather that causes it to contract and expand. The common misconception about warping is that it is only a cosmetic issue, but it is much deeper than that.

Warped wood on a door can eventually begin to crack or rot from the moisture and heat. The type of damage done by warping is a literal doorway to further issues with your door. For example, the swelling of the door can cause the door to scratch the floor or stick, requiring extra force to open.

Also, when the door shrinks it can lead to exposed gaps for air to seep through, or out which is not energy efficient and consequently more expensive. Look to see if there is light coming through your solid wood door to visually check for gaps. If you’re experiencing any of these, it is time to replace your door so that it can better withstand the weather.

2. Moisture, Mold, and Mildew

First comes moisture, then comes mold and mildew. This can be a serious problem if your front door has double-paned glass windows. Moisture can get trapped in between the layers and if left unaddressed, the moisture can spread into the surrounding wood leading to mildew, mold and eventually the wood will rot. This is likely due to the seal between the double-paned glass being broken.

Considering wood is an organic material, the damaged seal with cause moisture to seep quickly into the wood of the door. If you noticed this has become a problem, you must quickly address it. You can clean the mold from the door, but it can keep coming back. It is more economical and often easier to replace the full door.

3. Sticking

The most common symptom of a door gone bad is sticking. A sticky door is an unintentional and annoying workout you get when opening and closing your door. The reason for this could be due to several factors, such as worn weather stripping which throws the door off the frame, a door coming off its hinges, or moisture seeping into the wood. You may also notice as the weather changes, the door will become more rigid, specifically during rainy or high humid days as the door would expand or shrink. This is a sign of energy rushing out the door. In most cases, a sticking door is the first sign it is time to replace your entry door.

4. Rust

Rust is not only an eyesore, but it shows that the structural integrity of the door has been compromised and you have a moisture problem. A lot of doors are made of laminated 24 to 26-gauge steel on top of a wood frame. If it were to occur that the wooden core inside the door is damaged due to moisture, you could potentially have a safety and security issue on your hand.

Imagine keying into your home and hauling inside your many bags of groceries in one trip. Like most people, you will probably use your feet to kick open the door because your hands are tied up. If there is moisture in the door’s core, you just might make a dent. The weakened wooden core will make it easy for you or someone else to kick it down, unfortunately, this is quite attractive to a burglar. Rust is never a good sign, so if you notice any rust or dents in the door it is beyond time to replace it.

5. Drafts

If you feel the outside air creeping in through your closed door, then your door is no longer doing its job. Constant weather changes cause entry doors to expand and contract. All the shifting can throw the door off alignment creating gaps ushering air into your home and money out of your wallet. A drafty door lets in hot air during the summer and cold air during the winter making your home’s heating and cooling system work harder to reach the preset temperature, therefore increasing your energy bill. The best way to save yourself money is to replace the door.

If you suspect that your front door is letting air slip away, there is a way to check. Hold the flame of lighter or a lit candle close to the door and move it around the frame. If the flame starts to flicker or appear as if it is being pulled outside, then your door is leaking out the air in your home. Be sure to check the bottom of the door as well to make sure the threshold has not come loose. Also, check that the weather stripping is in quality shape and replace any bits that are worn.

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