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3D Trade Show Booth Design Ideas: Space is Important too

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Anyone who has ever attended a trade show event can ascertain that there is steep competition for a limited amount of attendees’ attention. Your trade show booth’s 3D design (the available space) is as important as graphics when it comes to attracting the right prospects at a trade show.

Why do most people get drawn to view an expensive sports car packed on the street? Probably because of its bright red paint. Well, that might be true, but the car’s sleek body design and how uniquely its doors open vertically grabs more attention. Thus, if you intend to attract a large number of the right trade show attendees to, it’s time to get ahead of the competition: make your trade show displays and the entire booth space more than just walls and a table.

Use different physical elements to complement your booth’s graphics

Consider installing racks or shelves on the booth’s back wall and integrate them with graphics. You can also have fans blow wind into streamers placed on top of your booth. Various freestanding digital display screen can create additional ‘walls’ to guide your prospects through your booth.

Being stingy won’t work when it comes to booth layout

While cost will always be an essential factor, never ignore the possible return on investment associated with having an excellently-designed trade show booth that offers people something to chat about. Focus on quality rather than quantity by spending extra bucks in design to attract the right attendees.

Take advantage of affordable technological conveniences

Technological conveniences such as offering your visitors a way to charge their mobile devices in your booth can attract prospects and keep in your booth for some time. That means you have an opportunity to introduce your brand to them and probably help them understand your products better. You can also offer them free Wi-Fi to surf the web as wait for your services.

Adopt a utilitarian approach to private meeting sections

It’s important to be prepared for meetings with your prospects. Create a semi-private section like a small lounge within your booth for meetings. When there is no meeting in progress, this area can be used by visitors stopping by to get their mobile devices charged.

Lighting is important too

In addition to making your trade show booth more welcoming, excellent lighting can effectively draw attention to various parts of your booth’s graphics and architecture. For instance, consider placing LED lights around the edges graphics to offer consistent backlighting while keeping the overall presentation perfect.

To conclude, the overall goal of your trade show booth design is to appeal to your prospects and attract the right attendees with a simple, bold statement. This is true for lesser-known and young brands. A well-trained, motivated staff can handle all trade show booth and display mishaps such as a poorly-designed booth. Thus, if you must make challenging budgeting decisions, prioritize investing in the right staff. Remember, the perfect magic happens when the right staff is given the right resources.

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